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No Operations or Events Available

Download and read the waiver then bring a signed copy to the Event. Players under 18 must have their guardians signature.
The Rock Airsoft Waiver


More rules may be given at the event either to everyone, groups, or individuals. Those rules must also be followed.




Bring your Dead Rag.

Not following any of the rules may result in being removed from the game. Certain or repeated violations could result in being removed for the day or permanent ban for The Rock.

The day may get a little crazy. Just remember we are here to have fun and enjoy playing Airsoft.

Waivers: Minors under the age of 18 are required to have parental or legal guardian sign the release waiver for them. Anyone over 18 can sign their own waiver. Players must be at least 12 years old to play. A new waiver must be signed every calendar year. Waiver can be downloaded and signed. Bring a valid ID during check-in.

The games are built around the number of players paid. Games will be played regardless of the weather conditions.

These rules are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Water: Bring plenty of water at least 2L recommended.


Eye Protection: Full Seal eye protection mandatory for everyone. Eye protection MUST be fully sealed ANSI Z87.1 rated. NO safety glasses. NO shooting glasses. Full seal goggles/glasses must form a seal around the lenses that fully contacts the skin and will not let a bb inside the seal. Mesh allowed if over 18. We strongly recommend safety glasses worn under the mesh. (Due to this being a rock quarry and the use of bio bb’s). 12-17yr olds: Full sealed goggles. Mesh or hard plastic lower. 18 and over: Full sealed goggles, lower is still recommended, but not required.


Safe Zones: All safe zones are marked. All guns must be on safe with magazine out and barrel blocks placed on guns. All pistols must be holstered at all times in the safe zones. Eye protection must be worn at all times on the field. You may test fire your gun to make sure it is working. (Muzzle must be all the way against the ground with magazine out). Do NOT shoot towards cars parked or pulling in or leaving.

Blind Firing: NO blind firing (must be able to see down the barrel or your gun) while shooting.

Blind Man: Should only be yelled in an emergency (if someone is injured or see someone without eye protection on the field). Everyone should lay their weapons on the ground and relay blind man to a referee. The game stops.

Battle Buddy: We suggest staying with a battle buddy.

Physical Contact: There will be NO physical contact with other players of any kind on the field. Notify Admins of any issues.

Transports: Please do not shoot at regular trucks that are taking players off and on the field!!!

No Real Guns: NO real guns allowed due to the increased chances of a mistake.

There are roads, as well as paths, for easier and safe travel. Please DO NOT \r\nclimb hills that are too steep. This is a Rock Quarry and loose rock will \r\ncause injuries. Especially to those downhill from you. So be VERY aware.

Boundaries: Boundaries are marked. Nobody is to cross or shoot out of the boundaries.

On The Field

BBs: NO metal or glass bb’s can be used.

Referees: Referees are the supreme authority on the field. They are here to make sure everyone is having fun and staying safe. Be respectful and comply with all requests from the referees. If you have an issue with another player (not calling hits, shooting up close etc.), or there is an emergency please notify a referee don’t take the issue into your own hands.

Reloading: You can only reload your mags at respawn points. NO RELOADING ON THE FIELD!

NO paint or powder for mines or in your gun.

No shooting at lights or other props and fixtures that are located around the field.

Mines: There will be NO pyro of any kind. No homemade mine devices allowed without approval. Grenade and thunder B’s have a 15ft radius for room clearing capability.

Wildlife: Do Not shoot any wildlife that you may encounter. Leave all wildlife alone.

Game Play

Each player must bring 2 Ace Bandages (3+ft min) to be healed by medic. *Ops or specified events only.

Melee: All melee kills are to be non-violent. Tap the other player on the shoulder or helmet will be a kill. There is NO throwing knifes.

Surrender kills: If you come up on a player within 5ft and they are at a disadvantage, you can ask for them to surrender, if they surrender it is considered as a kill. They can go back to Respawn or yell for a medic. If they refuse to take the surrender the “shooter” may shoot the opposing player.

Parlay: If players find themselves in close contact they can call themselves out or both go in different directions.

Hit Calling: If you are hit any place on the body (hand, feet, chest etc.) that is a hit, yell hit as loud as you can to inform other players you are out. If you are hit raise your hand and dead rag. Ricochets and gun hits do NOT count. Remember dead men tell no tales you can NOT tell your team where you got shot from. (Friendly fire is counted as a hit).

Respawn: There is a designated spot that dead players can go after sitting for 5 min without a medic. The dead player must go all the way back to Respawn before coming back into the game. (Special games may have different Respawn rules) Please do NOT shoot into the other teams respawn. If you believe no medic can get to you in time you can bleed out.

FPS: Feet per second limitations: ALL weapons have to be chronographed. Guns must be under 400fps with .20 gram bb to shoot inside of building. Or must use secondary weapon (Try and shoot for center mass.) No shooting full auto at people within a 30ft range.

A ROCK referee may take a player to have their gun chronographed to maintain safety of the players. Any player who believes a gun is chronoing over The Rocks FPS limit may request a chrono check. The ROCK\\\'s referee has the right to decide if the FPS check is necessary.

Rifle men: 400fps or lower

DMR: 450fps or lower(must have secondary weapon) (single fire only) 75ft min. engagement distance

Sniper: Bolt action Sniper rifle: 500fps or lower(must have secondary weapon) 100ft min. engagement distance

Sniper/DMR: Are allowed to shoot building to building but not inside of building.

HPA: PolarStar / High Pressure Gas / GBBRs will chronograph using .30g BBs. We use the fps/joules conversion chart for figuring HPA. Hopup to be turned off. All Weapons systems that use an external air source (i.e. PolarStars / Classics) will be required to use a "tournament" lock on their in-line regulators.

Support Weapon: 400fps or lower (full auto allowed) Example of Support weapons: 249, PKM, Micro(mini) gun,LMG and these types of weapons that can only go full Auto. (A REGULAR AIRSOFT GUN WITH A BOX OR HIGH CAP MAG--IS NOT CONSIDERED A SUPPORT WEAPON)\r\nOnly support weapons are allowed box mags. No more than 3 high caps allowed. No limit on midcaps.


Uniforms: Players must wear Tan/Green/Multicam/Black or Civi based uniforms. All other players will be placed on different teams to assist in evening out teams. NO player is to wear the color RED. RED is for Referees/Admins ONLY.

Medic: Each Team will have its own medic situation. Which will be explained and sent out to players that have submited their emails. And will be explained again from their CO\'s on the day of the Rockaversary OP Blackout.

Basic Medic: Requirements. 1. A designated team medic can treat a team mate by going up to that player and wrapping only (do not tie) the Ace bandage around the arm. (Each player needs to carry 2 Ace Bandages with them.) A player may only be bandaged TWICE. Then will bleed out in 5 min. Medic CAN NOT re-use bandages from "dead" players. While healing the dead player they can NOT move or shoot. Dead Players can be moved out of the line of fire if needed.

Respawn: Each team will have 2 Main Respawn points in their own region. And 1 they can move within their region. (Explained at Event by CO) After that Respawns are taken and/or earned through gathering of resources. If a player dies within 50 ft of a respawn point. (other than in their region) They must find another Respawn point away from that fight.

Searching players: Searching injured, captured or dead players. \r\n1. Captured or killed players may be searched. \r\n2. To conduct a search, the enemy puts his hand on the dead player and says (I am searching you). The dead or captured player must give up any physical intel or items they have in their possession at the time of the search. Cannot take dead players weapon(s), gear or ammo. \r\n3. Players cannot be searched after they have bled out and moving to re-spawn.

If there are any giveaways at an event here's a link to the rules.